Futurola Super Shredder Commercial Herb Grinder + Stem Trimmer - Shred + Stem Removal - 3 Lbs Of Flower In 7 Seconds



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The Futurola Super Shredder can reduce several pounds of tenacious bud to finely ground herb in under a minute, making it essential for serious manufacturers, producers, grow houses and dispensaries. As with any industry, time is money in the cannabis business, making the Futurola Super Shredder a sound investment. It can shred and remove stems from 3 pounds in 7 seconds for the perfect consistency. It will fill 100 Pre-Rolled Cones in 2 minutes when used in combination with the Futurola Knockbox 2. Included is a bag that hangs beneath the shredder and collects unwanted stems, saving you hours of time you would have otherwise spent sorting your product. This high-performance commercial weed grinder is crafted from food-grade stainless steel, leaving it easy to clean and maintain. Loading the industrial herb grinder is quick and simple thanks to a removable pin. The Plexiglas lid keeps operations safe using a built-in magnetic closure. The herb shredder even features a digital timer, making it the perfect machine for multi-tasking. Made in the U.S.A., the Futurola Super Shredder reliably produces mega results. • MADE IN USA • 1-YEAR MANUFACTURERS WARRANTY • EASY TO CLEAN • DIGITAL TIMER • FOOD-GRADE STAINLESS STEEL #304 BARREL • PLEXIGLAS LID WITH MAGNETIC CLOSURE • REMOVABLE PIN FOR LOADING + UNLOADING • FINAL SALE UNLESS DEFECTIVE AND REPORTED WITHIN 5 DAYS

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