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The “L.A.F Fanny Pack" or “Loud as F*** Fanny Pack" is a highly developed, small sized carbon bag designed to store your personal, and recreational necessities safely. This unisex style fanny pack features a very commodious, odor blocking main compartment designed to safely and discreetly carry your desired consumables — the “L.AF. Fanny Pack" comes equipped with a mid-sized smell proof main storage area, as well as one smaller sized smell proof hidden pocket. Also, the “L.A.F. Fanny Pack" has three mesh pockets designed for smaller items.

• Premium Quality Activated Carbon Lined Compartments
• Antimicrobial Properties to Prevent Carbon Damage
• Discreet: W/ No Logo
• Removable Shoulder Strap for Variable Carrying Methods
• Adjustable Waist Strap for Standard Fanny Pack Style Carrying
• High-Quality Material & Construction
• Water Resistant Exterior Material
• Water Resistant Zipper for Maximum Odor Control
• Commodious Main Compartment
• Small Sized Hidden Pouch for Additional Storage
• Three Mesh Pockets for Additional Storage
• 8" H x 3" W x 12" L
• Forest Charcoal

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