Beware of Fake Happystiks Disposables

Beware of Fake Happystiks Disposables: 
Find out if your Happystiks Disposable is authentic  

HAPPYSTIKS™ disposable vape devices are wildly popular, thanks to our diverse flavors, conve­nience, and quality, and we thank our many loyal customers! However, we need you to be aware that counterfeit products are entering the market. 

Counterfeit products are NOT TESTED for safety, and may contain harmful ingredients. Also, many counterfeits don’t provide a full, genuine flavor and provide only a few puffs before running out of juice. 

There’s no way to trust a clone of a real HAPPYSTIKS™ product. This in-depth guide was creat­ed to help our consumers identify fake products. We recommend buying directly from our website or from an authorized dealer. 


Authentication Code  

Check to make sure the product is sold by a reputable retailor. The listed stores are below and if you are a Happystik retailer please make sure you have purchased the products through a verified dealer. All current wholesalers are listed below, please do not purchase Happystiks from wholesalers or dealers who have not been listed below. For the safety of all customers who smoke disposable vapes, please make sure to buy your disposables at a genuine location. 


Each of our Happystiks Disposable™  comes in a package that features a color gradient design. 

If the gradient appears pixelated, or if the design deviates from our official packaging design, 

it usually means the Happystiks™  Disposable is fake. 


Any font deviations on the back or side of the box may indicate a fake Happystiks™  Disposable. 

The font should be consistent all over the box and there should be no obvious deviations in boldness or size. 


If, while using a Happystiks™  disposable, the juice tastes harsh and the vapor production isn’t smooth, the item is probably fake. In this case, we recommend that you stop using the item immediately and return it back to the place you bought it. 



Counterfeit and clone production companies do their best to create identical models of the products they copy. Some are able to get close to the mark, but if you know what to look for you can always tell the difference. What should you keep an eye out for to know if your Happystiks™  Disposable is real or fake? 

Be on the lookout when you head to the convenience store or gas station to purchase a Happystiks Disposable. First of all, each Happystiks™  Disposable has four separate parts to the device and its packaging and display. 

If possible, look for all four of the following: 

10-pack display box (if possible) 

Box packaging of the device 

Device wrapper 


Official Happystiks™  Disposable devices come in these three separate pieces of packaging, from the display box to the device packaging to the device wrapper. Each piece has unique aspects to look for to know if your Happystiks™  Disposable is real or fake. 


Each Happystiks™  Disposable device comes packaged in a small, rectangular box. These boxes are essentially smaller versions of the 10-pack display case. 

The name of the flavor is displayed prominently on the front of the box alongside an image of the flavor™  Disposable device contained inside the box. The device image should be the correct color that corresponds with the flavor. It should also have the Happystiks Disposable logo, the name of the flavor, and the corresponding nicotine level pictured on it. 

The back of the box contains information about Happystiks™  Disposable along with instructions for use. 


Once you open an individual Happystiks™  Disposable box, the device itself is contained within a tearaway wrapper. The wrapper should be the correct color that corresponds with the bar’s flavor. It will also have the Happystiks logo centered. 


Each Happystiks™  Disposable flavor has a unique color associated with it. The bar should be the correct color, matching the wrapper and box that it came in. 

If you have a fake Happystiks™  Disposable,  you may experience the following:  

  •     The Happystik logo on the device will scratch off easily. 
  • Low battery life. Some fake devices only last a few hours. 
  • Many fake devices have weak nicotine levels. 
  • Many fake devices feature diluted or inconsistent flavors. The product may overheat. 
  • It may be difficult to get the airflow from the mouthpiece. 

Are you experiencing these problems with a device labeled as “HAPPYSTIKS” device? Report the product to us immediately!  You have probably bought a fake one. Send an email to together with pictures of the product and the name of the store where you bought it. 

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Verified Wholesalers

Goodiesxprs- 405-22-4770

Ali Ansar- 405-625-1025

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